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How To Do That

How To: Pack for a Bike Ride

A little preparation means you can conquer anything the road throws at you. Keep watching to learn what to bring on a ride and how to store it.

How To: Do a Pre-Ride Check

Avoid hiccups on the road or trail by checking your bike after washing and before every ride. Keep watching to learn the M method, a handy way to remember all of the checkpoints on your bike.

How To: Pump Up Your Bike Tires 

Setting your bike's tire pressure correctly will give you a more comfortable ride with better grip and handling.  Even better, it can help prevent flats! Keep watching to learn how to pump your tires to the correct pressure for your ride.

How To: Shift a Road Bike

Knowing how to shift the gears on your road bikes helps you ride fast and climb hills with ease.  Keep watching to learn which gears work with which terrain and how and when to change them to keep your ride fast and fun.